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Terms and Condition

Please read the terms and conditions of this website and our services carefully in this section.

  1. Our website is in compliance with all governmental laws and regulations.
  2. All the services being provided by Online Class King is not to be shared by anyone without our concern or without being informed.
  3. We do not share your order details with anyone and never ask for bank details.
  4. Any dispute arising related to Online Class King website shall be handled by the state without any conflict of laws.
  5. Online class King has the right to modify its terms of use of the website by any customer without any prior notice.
  6. The payment made for availing an expert’s service is refunded only in case of non-satisfactory performance by him or her.
  7. The risk of use of any link through any internet connection is up on the user’s risk. We do not take responsibility of any fishing activity taking place on the internet while accessing our website.
  8. We do not make any commitments in updating any study materials available in our site and we do not guarantee 100% accuracy.
  9. We do not encourage any inappropriate behavior from our customers or from our experts in case of any dispute.

Privacy policy

  1. We are a group of experts who are being trusted my many customers worldwide. We protect each and every customer’s information that are shared with us on priority basis.
  2. We do not collect any of your personal information except for your name, email address, phone number and payment details. However, the information about your hardware and                            software data of your computer can be collected for our own IT system security purposes.
  3. We retain few personal details of our customers until no more necessary.
  4. We do not share any of the information related to personal and non-personal data of our customers with anyone outside our organization.
  5. Online class King has the right to modify its terms of use of the website by any customer without any prior notice.
  6. We protect the personal information of our customers as abided by our security policies.
  7. We are committed towards doing business in an ethical manner and your data remains confidential always.
  8. We collect data in a secure and authenticated manner ensuring that all your details are safe with us.
  9. We let our customers know what type of information we collect before taking orders and we do explain the purpose of gathering a few details of the same.
  10. We never share the order details with other customers ensuring plagiarism free work to every customer.
  11. We do not share any details of assignments or papers already done with other customers. They remain secure in our database forever.
  12. We are registered in [Education Field]; you can find the online version of the register at [], and our registration number is RJ17D9965890
  13. We are registered as [Krishna Sabhani] in India and are subject to rules, which can be found at
  14. This website is owned and operated by [Krishna Sabhani].
  15. We are registered in [INDIA] under registration number [RJ17D9965890]registered office is Ram Gali: 8, Flat No 48, First Floor 302004.
  16. Contact Number: 7357356577
  17. Our principal place of business is at [JPR].
  18. You can contact us: [by post, using the postal address [given above]]; [using our website contact form]; [by telephone, on [the contact number published on our website from time to time]]; or [by email, using [the email address published on our website from time to time]]