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Q. 1 Is Online Class King trustworthy?

Answer: We have been trusted by our esteemed customers that they kept coming back to us to avail our services. We are not scam and the proof is our business certificate that recognizes us as a registered e-commerce website. You can trust us with your eyes closed.

Q. 2 Can you complete all the assignments, exams and classes before the deadline?

Answer: Of course, yes! We can do all your exams, assignments and class well before the deadline. In fact, we will do them much before the deadline. This is one guarantee we give our customers every time.

Q. 3 What happens when I am not satisfied with the expert’s performance in my online class?

Answer: We guarantee 100% quality performance in your online class. However, if our customers are still not satisfied, we promise a money back guarantee within a few days.

Q. 4 How can I be assured for a good grade in my online class?

Answer: We have highly qualified graduates and PhD holders as experts who are dedicated to their work. They are highly experienced in handling online classes and therefore, we can confident assure good grade in your online class.

Q. 5 I have homework to complete in a few hours. Will your expert deliver my completed homework on urgent basis?

Answer: Yes! We will deliver your homework as soon as possible before the deadline. We take urgent orders and have delivered them on time in the past. We take urgent orders and deliver them on time without compromising with the quality.

Q. 6 Is your service affordable? When do we need to pay?

Answer: Yes! We provide all the services at a minimal price. We are one of the websites providing the cheapest rates on expert help. We have different payment plans as per the requirements.

Q. 7 What all details are needed to receive a quote?

Answer: You just need to fill up the get a free quote form mentioning your name, contact number, subject and a description of your order. Please include login details also so that we can check the work quickly. You will receive a quote right away.

Q. 8 What kind of students uses Online Class King services?

Answer: We are providing services to undergraduates, graduates, post graduates, PhD students and many more. We have been dealing with students enrolled in online classes of various subjects.

Q. 9 How secure is my details in your website?

Answer: We ensure 100% security and our privacy policy ensures that all the information of our customers will remain confidential. We never share any information with other customers or anyone else. So, your information is safe with us.

Q. 10 What are the different payment methods accepted?

Answer: Our customers have the flexibility to pay for our services through different modes of payment like credit card, debit card, internet banking and many more. We ensure an ease of payment without any hassle. Above all, your information will remain secure with us.

Q. 11 What happens after filling up the form in your website?

Answer: After you fill all the details in the form and submit it, we receive your request, process it, send a price quote and after you agree with the price, you need to make the payment and we work on your order immediately.

Q. 12 Where is your company located?

Answer: We are in New York and serving since 2011. Our primary office is located at: Online Class King, 8th Floor, 21 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022. United States.

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