Why Should Students Develop The Habit of Reading?

The importance of physically available books seems to be drastically going down as we age. All the information needed is quickly accessible over digital media with the help of a smartphone or laptop. But irrespective of the mode, reading continues to be very important for students throughout their educational journey and even beyond. Going by the definition of literacy, it is the ‘ability to read, write, spell, listen and speak.’ Hence, reading is important to qualify as literate. Reading habits should be taught right from the first grade of schooling. It not only helps increase the vocabulary, but it also helps in improving our speech. Reading aloud in a class helps improve the speech and even the tone while reading. It helps develop the practice of reading which a student may be reluctant to do otherwise. Reading in class also helps get the correct pronunciations of the words that may otherwise be difficult. As time passes, students often feel encouraged to read both in class and alone, even while they are alone.

Reading is also useful in building imagination. As children read, they start imagining the reading sequels informing a story (to begin with), and they could later narrate to their friends. With the increase in imagination, the enhancement of creativity also takes place. The more they read, the more is the development of the analytical and imaginative skills for the child.

Summer vacation is the longest break that a student gets during the academic year. Teachers should grab the opportunity to help students develop the habit of reading during this time as they would be busy most of the day. Reading also helps develop a clear understanding of the language they are reading in. Eventually, this may help develop their writing content as they improve on reading plus imaginative skills. Apart from vocabulary improvement, writing skills are also developed in reading. They get inspired and motivated to write their materials. The language improvement occurs when they read the sentences and know how to use different words in sentence format. They get familiarised with writing styles of different kinds, helping them increase literature knowledge. In case a student is learning a new language, reading can help in learning the same before actually starting to speak with someone. Reading helps develop the brain through the motor and analytical skill development. When they start reading, they grow wiser as the amount of knowledge they grab through this process is immense. They can eventually share their knowledge with their peers, helping them become knowledgeable. Hence, reading should be an important activity to be preached not just by teachers in the educational institute, and reading should also be encouraged by parents at home. Parents should highly encourage the students to learn better through reading with the lockdown situation.

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