Importance of Geography

Geography mainly involves the in-depth study of places and how people are related to them. It is not always concerned with maps or physical attributes of places but even more. It also explains how people are associated with a particular environment. Though it does not have the importance of mathematics and science, geography is vital […]

Online Subject Matter Experts

A subject matter expert or SME is a person who has specialized skills and knowledge in a particular field of study. They have the sole expertise over the subject rendering themselves as authorities over that specific subject. To become an SME, one must have a bona fide knowledge about the subject they are qualified in […]

How is Online Teaching Shaping The Future of Education?

As the COVID-19 pandemic reached every nook and corner of the world, several industries were affected due to the complete lockdown. The educational institutes, teachers and students were also significantly affected, considering they stay at home to avoid being caught by the effects of the virus. The schools, colleges, and even the major universities closed […]