APA (American Psychological Association) Referencing Style Guide For Students

Assignments or articles and even project work are expected to have a proper referencing style. Many educational institutes have a standardized referencing expectation and form a part of the scoring pattern for their assignments. Students often have to practice genuine referencing styles like APA, MLA, and Harvard to abide by the writing assignment or article matrix. Deviating from the matrix can lead to negative marks or reduce the score and overall grade for that particular subject. Hence, referencing styles form an essential part of students’ life and they need to understand how resources are correctly referenced. This paper talks about APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style that can help students in effective scholarly communication that can help students present information in a coherent and precise manner.

This particular referencing style was introduced in 1929 by a group of intellects who decided to formulate a referencing style that could make scientific writing more comprehensive in terms of reading and presentation. It was published as a seven-page article in Psychological Bulletin, justifying their referencing style and the format.

APA referencing style helps uniformity and consistency in writing with details of the references used for readers’ convenience of understanding the information. This also helps students develop a professional writing style, especially for scientific papers. When we take information from different sources, it is important to reference them well to give full credit to the authors of the sources from which the information is gathered. These are some of the reasons why the need for APA referencing style was realized and used to date.

Why is APA very important for any scientific writing, especially for students planning for a successful career?

The answer lies in the fact that this particular type of referencing style could be mainly useful for nursing, psychology, and other scientific articles. When a course assignment is submitted, the APA form becomes the easiest style for preparing a manuscript for students as part of their course completion requirements. APA style provides a systematic format for the entire document making it look presentable. It also provides an opportunity to improve the academic writing style for future research papers and other types of documents. This form of referencing includes the author’s name, the title of the reference material, journal name, volume and page numbers, and links or access to the pages (optional). Therefore, this style allows readers to access the entire document used for gathering information from for gaining more information on the same. Preparing and encouraging students to develop the habit of using such academic styles for formatting and referencing an entire document is a way of preparing them for the future wherein their dissertations, and research articles can be presented and well written using such referencing and formatting styles.

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